By Adam Nybäck


My main interests are computers, internet, Android, Bitcoin, security and usability. I have worked with most aspects of system development including programming, testing, documentation, support, training, project management etc. I try to always find the right balance between rapid progress and long term planning. All work is performed with great insight and always with the end user experience in mind.

Personal Information

Work experience Since 1996
Consulting experience Since 2006
Android development Since 2010
Born in 1975
Languages Swedish and English (I have also studied Thai, Spanish and Danish)
Personality Analytical, pragmatic, inventive, efficient, disciplined and calm


Payment Card Industry Payment cards, loyalty cards, payment gateways, restaurant systems, hotel systems, POS, EMV, PPL, iPOS, PCI DSS, ISO8583, SDI, HISO, SPDH, IFSF, HSM, zone switching, jPOS
Miscellaneous Android, mobile top-up, haptics (force-feedback)

Field of Work

Analysis, design, architecture, technical project management, programming, test, training and support

Technical Experience

Programming languages and tools Java/Eclipse, Delphi, C/C++, JavaScript, Python
Operating systems Android, Windows, OS X, Linux
Hardware EMV-terminals, IBM 4764/4765, card readers, haptic interfaces
Version control Git, SVN, CVS
Security PCI DSS, zone switching, encryption, message authentication (MAC)
Graphics Gimp, Visio, PhotoShop
Other systems/apps Drupal, Octopress, MS Office, Bugzilla, Jira


I have written a lot of documentation including system specifications, project plans, user manuals and press releases. I have also worked a lot with proof-reading.